Preparing for your newborn session

Your beautiful little bundle of joy will only be so small for a short time and you want some professional photographs to capture this wonderful time. The first photoshoot can be a little worrying as you’ll have lots going on, sleep deprived and stressed that your new little one won’t settle for you to get the shots you want.

First off, we’ve done hundreds of newborn sessions over the last 6 years and have plenty of little tricks to make sure we can capture beautiful photographs of your new arrival. We also have a few tips for things you can do beforehand to help too.

1)  Prepare for feeding before and during the session at the studio

When you have a newborn, generally they need to be fed every couple of hours. A hungry baby likely won’t settle so it’s important to bring any necessary supplies and plan for a couple of feeds. Ideally it’s best to plan to feed your little one as you arrive at the studio but this isn’t always possible so if not don’t worry.

2) Wear some removable layers

We have the temperature a little on the warm side in the studio, after all many of the photographs of your baby will be naked or with just a nappy so it’s important to keep them warm and comfortable. It’s not going to be crazy hot but you might not want to wear any thick layers that you can’t remove!

3) Plan for the day

Photographing newborns can take time and sometimes we just have to wait a little while. I’d always advise not to plan anything for straight after the session as we do allow some time for things to run over a little. A fussy or unsettled baby can take longer so there’s always plenty of time for cuddles and a tea/coffee for the parents.

4) bring anything special with you

We have everything needed for your newborn photography session here in the studio, so you don’t need to bring a thing. With that said you are absolutely more than welcome to bring any special sentimental items you want including in your photographs. We’ve had little soft toys that have been passed down for generations or even special knitted hats made by grandparents. If you have something in mind then just send a message before your session to let us know and plan in advance.

5) Don’t worry about accidents

Babies poop and it’s inevitable that a little accident will happen at some point in the session. Don’t worry though, it happens all the time.

6) Don’t tightly fit the nappy

If you ever change the nappy and notice red marks left, we ideally want to avoid these. They can take a while to disappear even after removing the nappy so by loosely fitting before coming to the studio we can hopefully avoid them being in the photographs.

Creating beautiful newborn memories

Photographs are more than just images but memories of a stage of your babies journey that doesn’t last long. We can’t wait to play a part in capturing these important memories.